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Download 32bit Source:
Download 64bit Source:

Introduction to BroadCom

These packages contain Broadcom's IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n hybrid Linux® device driver for use with Broadcom's BCM4311-, BCM4312-, BCM4321-, and BCM4322-based hardware. There are different tars for 32-bit and 64-bit x86 CPU architectures. Make sure that you download the appropriate tar because the hybrid binary file must be of the appropriate architecture type. The hybrid binary file is agnostic to the specific version of the Linux kernel because it is designed to perform all interactions with the operating system through operating-system-specific files and an operating system abstraction layer file. All Linux operating-system-specific code is provided in source form, making it possible to retarget to different kernel versions and fix operating system related issues.

NOTE: You must read the LICENSE.TXT file in the lib directory before using this software.

Project Homepage:



  • Kernel Sources
  • Kernel Module "802.11 TKIP crypto"

Non-Multilib 32

Clean the source tree: (Insert the current running kernel version in <2.6.xx.xx>)

make -C /lib/modules/<2.6.xx.xx>/build M=`pwd` clean

Compile the package:

make -C /lib/modules/<2.6.xx.xx>/build M=`pwd`


Make sure to remove the b43 module and b43legacy module before inserting the wl.ko module

Install the package:

cp wl.ko /lib/modules/<2.6.xx.xx>/kernel

Insert the Module:

modprobe ieee80211_crypt_tkip
modprobe wl


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