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Download Source:

Introduction to DocBook Utils

The DocBook Utils package is a collection of utility scripts used to convert and analyze SGML documents in general, and DocBook files in particular. The scripts are used to convert from DocBook or other SGML formats into “classical” file formats like HTML, man, info, RTF and many more. There's also a utility to compare two SGML files and only display the differences in markup. This is useful for comparing documents prepared for different languages.

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Optional (Runtime Dependencies)

Non-Multilib or Multilib

Compile the package:

sed -i 's:/html::' doc/HTML/ &&
./configure --prefix=/usr &&

Install the package

make install

Many packages use an alternate name for the DocBook-utils scripts. If you wish to create these alternate names, use the following command:

for doctype in html ps dvi man pdf rtf tex texi txt
    ln -s docbook2$doctype /usr/bin/db2$doctype

The jw script uses the which command to locate required utilities. You must install Which before attempting to use any of the DocBook-utils programs.