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Who Is This Weibullguy?

Weibull - continuous distribution of a random variable proposed by Wallodi Weibull. Guy - male of the human species.

Me - Electrical Engineer undergraduate, Statistics graduate, work as a Reliability/Safety Engineering Consultant (Yes, I am available. Please feel free to contact me). Previously worked as a Reliability/Safety Engineer in the aerospace, defense, nuclear, and automotive industries. Current interests include repairable systems analysis, Kijima Type I and Type II models, and system optimization under imperfect repair.

I analyze failure and repair data to estimate parameters of the distribution(s) describing system and component failure times. This is often refered to as Weibull analysis (although there are many other distributions used). Hence, Weibullguy. Now you know.

In response to a post I saw on one of the mailing lists, "I don't have a clue who all the devs at CBLFS are. They all use some stage-names." Here is my abbreviated resume, none of which actually qualifies me as a software developer. Consider that the grain of salt with which to take my entries.

Andrew Rowland

Work Experience

2011 - Present Senior Reliability Consultant International TechneGroupe, Inc. Cincinnati, OH

2010 - 2011 Reliability Engineering Contractor General Dynamics Land Systems Sterling Heights, MI

2008 - 2010 Systems Engineer Nuclear Instrumentation System, Control Rod Drive System, Rod Position Indication System, Reactor Control & Instrumentation System (right, no computers) American Electric Power, Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant Bridgman, MI

2006 - 2008 Reliability and Safety Engineer General Electric Aviation, Digital Systems Grand Rapids, MI

1999–2006 Reliability Program Owner American Electric Power, Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant Bridgman, MI

1996–1999 Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer Fort James Packaging Kalamazoo, MI

1990–1996 Reactor Operator United States Navy Various Exotic Locations


B.S., Electrical Engineering Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, MI

M.S., Applied Statistics Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, MI