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Download Source: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/xpontus/xpontus-1.0.0RC2.sh

Introduction to XPontus

XPontus is a free java based XML and associated languages editor. Since XPontus is written in Java it is available for all java enabled operating systems.

Project Homepage: http://xpontus.sourceforge.net



Non-Multilib or Multilib

Make the installation script executable:

chmod +x xpontus-1.0.0RC2.sh

The installation script is interactive. The installation directory can be selected when prompted by the installer. XPontus will install a directory structure under the chosen installation directory. It's recommended that XPontus be installed in a prefix such as /opt/xpontus.


The script that launches XPontus will fail unless you are running from the directory containing the script. Correct this so that XPontus can be run from any directory or using a launcher. Replace /opt/xpontus with the prefix you used.

sed -i 's@`echo $PWD`@/opt/xpontus' /opt/xpontus/run.sh
ln -svf /opt/xpontus/run.sh /usr/bin/xpontus


Installed Directories: {XPONTUS_PREFIX}/{bin,boot,documentation,etc,javadoc,lib,src,Uninstaller}
Installed Programs: run.sh
Installed Libraries: avalon-framework-4.1.4.jar, batik-1.5-fop-0.20-5.jar, binding-1.1.1.jar, commons-io-1.2.jar, commons-logging-1.0.4.jar, dtdgen.jar, fop-0.20.5.jar, icu4j-3_6.jar, isorelax.jar, jdxslt-1.5.5.jar, jhall-2.0.2.jar, jtidy-r8-SNAPSHOT.jar, kunststoff.jar, liquidlnf.jar, looks-2.1-pre2.jar, msv.jar, relaxngDatatype.jar, saxon.jar, saxon8.jar, spring.jar, swing-layout-1.0.jar, trex.jar, vldocking_2.0.5.jar, xalan-2.7.0.jar, xercesImpl.jar, xml-apis.jar, xmlcomp.jar, xmlmesg.jar, xmlparserv2.jar, xpontus.jar, xsdlib.jar, xstream-1.1.3.jar
Symlinks: /usr/bin/xpontus -> /{XPONTUS_PREFIX}/run.sh

Short Descriptions

run.sh is a wrapper script for java to launch XPontus.