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Welcome to Community Driven BLFS.


Please don't add information from BLFS without acknowledging the source. BLFS is copyrighted but copying is allowed with attribution.

When adding packages please add a CONTENT section so everyone knows what the package does. Thank you. You can find a script here that can be used to make this task reasonably pain free. The script even formats the output so a simple copy and paste is all you need to do (in most cases).

If you have problems building any packages in CBLFS and are unable to find the solution yourself, please do not use the "Talk" section associated with the package. You will receive no help, but your entry will be deleted. Most of the CLFS and CBLFS developers and users hang out at in the #cross-lfs channel. Your odds of receiving help dramatically improve if you stop by #cross-lfs or post on the mailing list.

What is Community Driven BLFS

Community Driven BLFS (CBLFS) is an open project that takes over after you have completed a Cross-LFS based build. While there's a veritable Who's Who of CBLFS, as the name implies anyone in the community may contribute. Your contributions are welcome; from multilib build instructions for Open Office to spelling and grammar corrections. You can find a list of packages that are referenced but still need build instructions in the Wanted Pages if you don't have anything particular in mind.

There are only three requirements and one strong suggestion for contributing to CBLFS. First, read and heed the applicable portions of the NOTICE section above. Second, please follow the page format that is set. There is a link to the page template below. Explanatory comments are in bold green text and should, obviously, be removed. Always check the template as changes are made periodically.

Third, upload patches in accordance with the instructions below. These instructions will help you create and format the file before uploading. Please don't provide links to patches or other files stored on your personal server.

Finally, there are many good open-source spell checking applications. In fact, there are build instructions for Aspell in this wiki. Please install and use a spell checker when contributing.

Post CLFS Configuration

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